Naomi Hernandez Delegate and Hispanic Safety Professionals Community Leader

Senior Safety Management Consultant
14 years with SAIF, 6 years in Safety
Industry: Insurance/Consulting

Why do you work in Safety?

I was personally impacted by a preventable injury to my spouse that has changed his life and functionality forever.  That initial injury introduced me to the worker’s compensation system and in turn to my first exposure to the wonderful work that SAIF’s safety professionals do in our community.  I was very fortunate to get selected for SAIF’s safety training program where I’ve found a passion to serve in a field that keeps introducing me to different areas of specialty while challenging me to grow both professionally and personally.   I love collaborating with others to find and create resources for everyone to use.  I take pride in being bilingual in Spanish and having the opportunity to serve my community with their injury prevention efforts. 

Why are you a member of ASSP?

I was introduced to ASSP by my leadership and have been impressed with how friendly, welcoming, and encouraging everyone has been.  I’ve participated in several events with other chapters in Oregon and have loved the opportunities they’ve provided me to serve.  All these experiences have helped me grown as a professional and inspired me to seek out partnerships for injury prevention efforts within my community.

I’m excited to serve as a resource as the community leader of the Hispanic Safety Professionals Interest Group and representing our local chapter as the Delegate-At-Large.