Jo Holly Co-Program Chair

Safety Coordinator, Gheen Irrigation Works
2 years with Gheen Irrigation, 6 years in Safety
Industry: Manufacturing

Why do you work in Safety?

While working in manufacturing as a Welder/Fabricator I volunteered to join the Safety Committee. This changed my whole perspective of why safety is important and motivated my interest in safety. I have a natural ability to nurture and care for people and safety became an additional way for me to expand on that ability. 

Why are you a member of ASSP?

Being fairly new as a Safety Professional, I had struggled to find resources to help me succeed in supporting employee health and safety. I was invited to join a couple of chapter meetings with guest speakers that I found invaluable. Not only were the topics directly relating to issues that I was currently dealing with but allowed me to connect with others that were navigating the same challenges. I am excited to have a community and resources to broaden my ability to achieve a safer work environment for the employees in my company.