Jason Wallace President

Environmental Health and Safety Manager, GloryBee
14 years in Safety profession; 22 years in safety advocacy
Industry: Private

Why do you work in Safety?

When I became volunteer firefighter, I was highly intrigued by safety and just how important it was. I realized that without appropriate safety measures in place the consequences could be catastrophic. That drove me to make safety a cornerstone of both my professional and personal life. In doing so I have been able to transition to simply being an active safety committee member, to managing an industrial safety program, and being involved in community safety initiatives. It is my believe that safety should always be our top priority and that it is my obligation to help share my knowledge with others so as to make, not only my organization, but my community a safer place to be.

In the ASSP Cascade Chapter, I’m co-program chair responsible for bringing speakers to our monthly chapter meetings.  If you have a presentation you’d like to share or know someone who might, please reach out to me.  I love to collaborate! 

Why are you a member of ASSP?

As I transitioned in my career the opportunity to become a member of ASSP was presented and I have found it to be an essential tool in the safety profession. In addition to the educational opportunities, the networking abilities and priceless. The safety world is ever evolving and by having an expansive network of safety professionals to call on prevents each of us from having to start from scratch and gives us the ability to build on each other’s success. I would strongly encourage anyone wishing to be successful in the safety profession to join out network of safety professionals and be part of a team that truly does safe lives with the work we do every day.

If you are interested in joining ASSP, presenting to our group, or know someone who might be interested in presenting please reach out to myself, or any of the other chapter officers. WE are always looking to add to our team.