Chapter Meeting

  • November 20, 2018
    11:30 am - 1:00 pm

Topic Young Worker Safety Program

Did you know that young workers are most likely to get injured on the first year on the job?  Teri Watson will share information about the risks to young workers as well as ways to keep them safe.  We’ll also learn about a variety of resources and efforts aimed at our younger workers.

Speaker Teri Watson, Senior Policy Analyst/Legislative Coordinator for Oregon OSHA

In this role, Teri has numerous responsibilities. These include Oregon OSHA legislative activity; Whistleblower employee protections, Workers’ Memorial Scholarship, Oregon OSHA training and education grants, outreach to partners, stakeholders and elected officials; as well as building alliances and partnerships directed toward increasing public knowledge and awareness about Oregon OSHA. In the past 15 years, Teri has worked with the Oregon OSHA, Oregon Workers’ Compensation Division, Yamhill County Public Health and the Benton County Commission on Children and Families. Teri is on the board of directors for O[yes] (Oregon Young Employees Safety Coalition) and Kids Chance of Oregon, both organization serve youth in Oregon. Teri was part of the Benton County team that received an award from America’s Promise Alliance in recognition of its work in establishing the Benton County community as one of the 100 Best Communities in the U.S. for young people. She has a bachelor’s degree in social science, a master’s degree in public business administration both from Portland State and a master’s degree in legal studies from Willamette Law School. Teri has presented workshops and trainings locally and nationally on alcohol and drug prevention, juvenile crime prevention, teen pregnancy prevention, tobacco prevention, and chronic diseases prevention. The science of prevention is a personal passion for Teri. She has dedicated her life to the study of prevention science, and her job with Oregon OSHA provides her many opportunities for real-world application of that knowledge in the context of assuring and improving workplace safety for Oregonians.


11:30am Lunch
12:00pm Presentation

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