Katie Goncalves Government Relations

Safety and Emergency Management Analyst (2 years) for City of Eugene Public Works
2 years in Public Works safety; 14 years total in Public Works and 3 years in Emergency Management
Industry: Government

Why do you work in Safety?

I am involved in safety because I respect Public Works operations and I want to contribute to the success of the people doing the work that builds and maintains the infrastructure of our community. I like to advocate on behalf of people, and I am good at listening and trouble shooting. My objectives as a safety officer are for safety to be regarded as a support to operations and for employees to be proactive in applying safety protocols.

Why are you a member of ASSP?

I have a lot to learn and I am happy to share what I know. I think that safety professionals across industries share common experiences and we can be resources for each other. ASSP provides a way of knowing who our peers and resources in the community are, and it adds professionalism to what we do in our own workplaces.