Jim Nusser Past President

Safety and Health Division Advisor, SAIF
17 years with SAIF, 22 years in Safety
Industry: Insurance/Consulting

Why do you work in Safety?

I didn’t start out looking to work in safety.  It wasn’t until my first job as a regulatory assistant that I realized how much I enjoyed working in safety.  I appreciate the opportunity to serve others and prevent suffering. I get energized by collaborating with people to find a solution to a safety issue.

Why are you a member of ASSP?

I have appreciated the network of safety professionals I have met through ASSP.  When I started in safety, at times I felt like I was alone in an organization trying to change culture and the way things were done.  In meeting others in the field, I have found benefit in learning how they approached issues and have been energized being around others who have a similar vision in protecting people from harm.  ASSP has also offers a variety of educational programs that helps keep me learning and improving my effectiveness.

If you have ideas on how to have the Cascade ASSP Chapter better meet your needs or the needs of others, please let me know.