Dennis Hughes Past President

Caregiver Injury Prevention Coordinator
Injury Prevention- 8 yrs; Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Safety- 4 years
Industry: Healthcare

Why do you work in Safety?

Like many, my journey into Safety was an unexpected career development.  After working in EMS for a time, I moved into the hospital setting by joining a Wound Care & Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy clinic.  Once there, I discovered the myriad of hazards faced by healthcare workers.  When an opportunity to serve that group appeared, I was excited to dedicate my focus to that group.

Why are you a member of ASSP?

I joined ASSP to network with other Safety Professionals and gain insight from those that have more experience than myself.  I was lucky to find the Cascade Chapter in my local area.  This group was very welcoming to new members and provided opportunities to be connected with senior safety pros.  After a short time, I was invited to participate in the chapter executive committee.  It’s rewarding to continue network with others and now, assist others on their introduction to OS&H.