Co-Program Chair

Kristi Hayden
Department Services Manager (2 years) for City of Eugene Public Works
10 years in Safety profession; 20 years in safety advocacy
Industry: Government

Why do you work in Safety?

I never planned to become involved in safety but found myself here after some time of “disgruntlement” around safety issues in my workplace that weren’t resolved.  I spent many years as a union officer working on safety and health issues before I really knew this could be a job.  I believe in empowering our workforce to make safety decisions and finding innovative ways to eliminate and reduce hazards. 

In the ASSP Cascade Chapter, I’m co-program chair responsible for bringing speakers to our monthly chapter meetings.  If you have a presentation you’d like to share or know someone who might, please reach out to me.  I love to collaborate! 

Why are you a member of ASSP?

I have appreciated the way I was welcomed into ASSP when I was a new safety person.  I found the presentations to be informative and helpful as I learned about my role.  It was amazing how the people involved formed a network to help each other understand the safety requirements, find resources, share existing programs and policies, and been vulnerable about the challenges ahead.  I hope that you will join our network of safety professionals to learn and grow together to make every workplace better.